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Album of the week

Karoshi Lovers' debut album The Revolution Is Over was nominated as the "Album Of The Week" in Salon Seudun Sanomat on February 9th.

And here's some older ones:

"The female vocalist leads the album from one atmosphere to another, though there's flat roughness of post punk in the background. "K Girl" is a good example, Blondie meets the distortion of dark scale of colours. "Only The Good Die Young" has already hit potential. "Birth, School, Work, Death" sounds pleasantly old, feisty rocking with punk nuances. "I Love My Karoshi" and "Hold Tight" are tied together as elegant play of reedy shadows, cool." *** 1/2
Mesta.net / J.A.Kaunisto
Whole review in Mesta.net (in finnish only)

"Karoshi Lovers is at its best in the ambitious piano-led pop operas, where Ms. Stress' vocals shine. For example 'Down In The Ice Pit' is a dramatic song with a capital D. Also 'I Love My Karoshi' is a glorious ballad supported by Rhodes piano. Blondie and Garbage influenced pop tracks work out great too." ***
Rumba / Markku Roinila
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