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Karoshi Lovers tour Germany

3x25e7pvbjngurs3.jpgKaroshi Lovers' first tour in Germany begins on Wednesday, September 30 in Nürnberg. The purpose of the six shows is to promote the album Death Pop in GAS area. Death Pop is the group's second album, and it was released in Finland through Riemu Records in the beginning of September. In Germany the record label is 9PM Records.

The tour stops at the following venues:

30.9. Nürnberg, MuZ-Club (Ger)

1.10. Bamberg, Sounds’n’Arts (Ger)

2.10. Herzogenaurach, Jugendhaus Rabatz (Ger)

3.10. Linz, Stadtwerkstatt (A)

6.10. Fürth, Kioski Record Store (Ger)

7.10. Salzburg, Denkmal (A)

Karoshi Lovers hit back on the Finnish venues in early November. The band will play at least in Vastavirta, Tampere on Nov 4; Bar 15, Seinäjoki on Nov 6; Kassan Baari, Tikkala on Nov 7 and Semifinal, Helsinki on Dec 11.